• (She/They)

  • 23(?) yrs

  • 7/13

  • 4'7"

  • Miqo'te; Keeper of the Moon

  • INFP

  • Pansexual/Polyamorous

  • + Kind, Empathetic, Polite

  • - Clumsy, Sensitive, Forgetful

  • Likes: Fae, Sweets, Singing, Fashion

  • Dislikes: Fire, Goobues, Ugly Armor, Bitter Tastes

  • Relationships: Gaia Calligeneia ♥ G'raha Tia, Zero, Erenville

Cupid Dianthe is an amnesiac, she lost her memories on an extremely average afternoon for everyone but her. Hydaelyn called to her as her chosen, and besides that and her name and skills, Cupid remembers nothing of her past. She searches for clues for anything about herself, a family, her past before becoming the warrior of light, anything, but it's been largely fruitless.
Despite this, Cupid is a warm, enthusiastic and optimistic person. She has her moments of pessimism and despair, but she is like any other in that way.
She wears her heart on her sleeve, she is honest and can be very easy to read, sometimes even a bit too easy. Gaining her affection isn't terribly difficult, and sharing love is something she's passionate about.
As the Warrior of Light, she believes it is her duty to protect those around her, and puts herself at risk far too often, as a healer she feels she must take up that role at every moment possible, rarely giving herself time to rest or reflect on what's around her or what's happened.
At the present, she's taken up casual adventuring, along with searching for signs or clues as to who she used to be before becoming Hydaelyn's chosen. Her dreams plague her, and she needs answers, but her duty to the people will always come first, so her progress is little.
(Cupid has a version of herself that I rp as where she is not the warrior of light! This more average Cupid is a healer by trade and still adventures, just not as often, and is more often found in major cities or with her friends! She still has amnesia, but a little differently! If there's interest I'll make a new page in here for that! I only rp WOL Cupid with people I trust, thank you!)

  • Cupid loves the Fae, and her many companions that belong to the family! She can be seen playing with or dressing up any small companions that she may have befriended in the time she frequently spends surrounded by the creatures of the Fae kingdom.

  • Despite her feline race and appearance, her tail is prone to wagging, much like a dog, when excited or happy! If you point this out, she will blush, and if you're too close behind, you will get a face full of fluff!

  • Cupid is a fashion lover, she could spend hours shopping and creating outfits, she's a lover of all things cute, but has her fair share of promiscuous and revealing ensembles.

  • Cupid is covered in freckles and small moles, the most noticeable on her face, beneath her lip. She calls them her 'Gifts from the Fae', and she treasures them, they make her feel beautiful.

  • BONUS WoL-Cupid has an incredible abundance of aether, with 2 other aether-packed beings having joined with her, and her already heavy supply, she's practically overflowing, and is highly sensitive to it.

Caer was never conscious during their journey through the aetherial sea, but whether it was pure luck or fate, their perfect vessel was found, another shard of themself, their past self, before the sundering.The trauma that occured when Caer's soul and memories collided with the vessel was enough to completely wipe not only the memories of the vessel, but Caer's as well, leaving a weak soul embedded into the other's.This vessel was Cupid and the very start of her adventure as the warrior of light was stunted by this event, completely wiping any memory of her life or who she was before Hydaelyn's call.Ever since, Cupid's Echo would show her distant memories of a land engulfed in flame, of a luxurious castle, and a family that cared for her like their very own. She is never able to place these memories and only ever brushes them off as dreams.In her current state, she still has no clue this other being exists within her, but she knows something is off. She continues to work towards recovering her memories and finding the source of her "dreams".

The Second, a shard split from the source in the sundering, another victim of the attempted rejoining. On this shard was a kingdom, similar to the First's own Il Mheg and it's Fae inhabitants, but ruled by a family and its Guard. Caer was one of them, a Guardian, a protector of the royal family and the people of their kingdom.It was a peaceful life, but nothing could've stopped the calamity that overtook the shard, not even the strongest amongst them could even slow the Ascians down. And so their shard succumbed to its fate, destroyed and lost to fire.Caer was given an opportunity by the royal family, and again, similarly to the Fae of the First, they found a way to send their soul and memories to another shard, and they would be able to thrive so long as there was a compatible vessel where it ended up. Caer fought this, wanting to face their fate with the ones they loved, but against their will, they were put into a slumber and their soul stored and sent through the aetherial sea with little to no direction.

Cupid is my WOL, my main character, and my baby!! She is currently on Crystal!

Player is 25, uses they/it/fae pronouns, has adhd and autism, please be patient with replies!
i am pan and poly, i have permission from my partner to erp with whoever i choose and they have mine as well!
please respect my identity and pronouns when referring to me! i am not my character!
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